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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


Westley Consulting is a consulting group that specialises in the financing and marketing of farming and agriculture businesses. Westley Consulting works with a variety of clients such as rural and food businesses, governments, industry leaders and NGOs. The company has helped clients secure over £10 million of grant funding, and with the help of its public and private sector experience, Westley is able to analyze clients requirements and look to maximize their funding, as well as creating a comprehensive funding plan. Westley also provides marketing and creative services to clients, specifically those with little to no marketing experience. These services include marketing strategy, brand management, creative services, branding, advertising, PR, promotional materials, websites, e-commerce, and database marketing. Finally, Westley completes a variety of consulting tasks for clients including completing studies for the feasibility of projects, project planning, examining the supply chain for food industry companies, and evaluating public sector organisations to ensure maximum productivity and effectiveness.