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With around 2,800 members and 5 regional branches, the National Vegetable Society aims to encourage and promote the growing of vegetables. Formed in 1961, the Society provides expert advice and help to growers. Objectives of the society include educating the public on vegetables, as well as advancing and improving the knowledge and interest that the public has in vegetables through a variety of different channels. The Society has five regional branches stretching across the UK, with Scottish, Northern, Welsh, Southern, and Midland branches. Members of the National Vegetable Society share their knowledge and experiences through advice articles that are often published in the Society's magazine, Simply Vegetables. These advice articles are divided into 5 main categories: General Gardening, Growing for Show, Growing Fruit, Growing Herbs, and Vegetable Growing. Besides the advice and help that members receive, the Society also trains and examines judges, can provide lists of potential speakers for lectures/talks, and hosts national shows and championships as well as creating educational DVDs and leaflets.