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Stewarts of Tayside

Established in 1975, Stewarts of Tayside is a family-owned business that specialises in geographically efficient crops - swede, raspberries, and strawberries. The decision to specialise was made in the 1990s due to the competiveness of the industry, so the switch was made from potatoes, Calabrese broccoli, soft fruit, and sprouts. Once this switch was made, Stewarts of Tayside invested in new fruit and vegetable pack houses, cold storage facilities, a transport division, and a number of new staff members.

Today, Stewarts of Tayside has four main areas of business: growing crops and husbandry, packing and production, transport, and sales and marketing. Stewarts of Tayside takes ownership of all stages of the operation from sowing and harvesting to packing and delivering, ensuring a product quality customers have come to know. Around 80% of the crops are grown in East and Central Scotland, with the rest being grown in the North East of Scotland, and all swede products are packed and dispatched within 24 hours of being washed.