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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


Established in 1972, Shelbourne Reynolds has been a leader in the designing and manufacturing of new and innovative agricultural machinery and equipment. Based in Suffolk, and with a US Distribution center in Colby, Kansas, Shelbourne Reynolds has been able to export over half of production to over 50 countries worldwide. The company offers products in three main sectors: harvesting, livestock, and ground care. For harvesting, Shelbourne Reynolds offers stripper headers, pick up headers, and mekanag header transporters. For livestock, it offers powermix diet feeders, powerspreaders, cubicle bedders, and parmiter shear buckets. Finally, for ground care, the company offers hedge and verge cutters, parmiter spring harrows, and lipa flail mowers. Employing approximately 120 people, Shelbourne Reynolds is able to manufacture a large portion of products in-house, including all machining and gear cutting. This gives the company a competitive advantage as specific drives can be created for specific applications rather than mass producing drives.