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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


ProCam delivers a crop protection service that includes agronomists, crop walking, and providing specialist technical support to many of UK's top crop producers. ProCam offers viable solutions to the UK's top arable businesses, with the ability to offer local knowledge, with regional businesses up and down the UK, combined with the national scale resources of the agronomy group. ProCam is also dedicated to developing and manufacturing technology in order for clients to get maximum production and quality from their resources and land. ProCam also offers 4cast which is a system that collects, analyzes, and communicates real world crop production and agronomy data. This data helps agronomists in the prediction of different management approaches on farms, by analyzing past recorded arable crop production in the United Kingdom. Finally, ProCam offers ProCam Profile which takes the 4cast system and allows clients to view in detail any arable enterprise, including regional variations and local conditions, and produces possible production and financial benchmarks for the client's unit.