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Prime Agriculture LLP

Eastern England's largest independent agronomy partnership, Prime Agriculture provides growers in Essex, Norfolk, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, and Northamptonshire with agronomy consultancy services. Prime Agriculture works with a number of East Anglia's leading farm businesses, and looks to increase and maximize crop production in terms of a farm's profitability. The company does this through taking into account a number of variables, such as seasonal variations, the farm environment, and fluctuating crop prices.

Partners of Prime Agriculture provide clients with individual services and provide a range of services from strategic advice to full agronomy services. Prime Agriculture can assist in all aspects of the farming business and specialises in on-farm agronomy. The foundation of all advice given by the company is current disease and pest thresholds and integrated farming techniques. Within the team of consultants at Prime Agriculture, there is an abundance of expertise on knowledge on all aspects of crop production and farming.