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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


One of the largest independent agricultural machinery distributors in Britain, Opico was established in 1966. Initially based out of Essex, Opico has built a reputation for developing innovative concepts for the industry. While the company began by importing some of the first large disc harrowers and round balers, Opico has become synonymous with excellence in the grain industry. Today, Opico has a range of products, including some that are new to the UK. The company has been the first to introduce concepts to the UK such as spring tine grass harrowing, recirculating batch drying, subsoiler seeding of oilseed and many more innovative concepts. Opico has continued to grow company knowledge by working with Masstock and Openfield on oilseed rape, and multiple companies on the grassland side. This has allowed Opico to improve the functionality of machines and provide customers with more benefits. The partnerships have also helped staff advise consumers on a variety of issues. Opico product offerings include grain dryers, a variety of grassland equipment, cultivation equipment, and fertiliser application equipment.