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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


Greenacres provides the UK with consultancy and agricultural advice services enabling economically and environmentally sustainable land use. With the goal to improve and maintain positive earnings for farmers over the long-term, Greenacres looks to introduce and promote systems and processes that not only improve production and quality but also maintain resources. Greenacres provides services to farmers both in the UK and overseas. For farmers in the UK, Greenacres focuses on diversifying land management and adding value for farmers while considering and placing organic and low input options at the forefront. Greenacres services have helped to reduce waste, improve green energy usage and improve soil management within the UK. Meanwhile, for overseas clients, Greenacres provides a number of services focused on the following: micro-finance, project management and evaluation, income generation, sustainable livelihoods, fair-trade principles and low input and organic systems. Finally, Greenacres provides mentoring systems and schemes as well as educational packages to service their clients.