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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


Used across the world in over 15 countries, GateKeeper has more than 5000 users making it the UK's most used agronomy and crop management software. A broad range of crops can be advised and recorded using the GateKeeper software, including root crops, combine crops, intensive vegetables, soft and top fruit, field scale vegetables, salad crop, nursery trees, topical crops, coffee, and tea. Crops can be recorded throughout the process from pre-planting to delivery. GateKeeper also provides financial details to the user so that they can make smart business decisions. Due to the wide variety of crops that the GateKeeper can keep records on, there is an equally wide variety of customers, including farming companies, advisors, farmers, consultants, independent and distribution agronomists, agri-businesses, and manufactures. GateKeeper also has mapping capabilities where users can measure, change scales, and add detail to maps of their land. GateKeeper also offers 'Sentinel Online' which provides access to a pesticide management database that includes a list of pesticide products, crop approvals and agronomic documentation. This information helps those involved with crop production to make sound business decisions regarding crop management and find the information necessary to run their business.