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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


Located in the Borders of Southern Scotland, Farne Salmon and Trout has become one of the largest smoked salmon operations in Europe. Since beginning in 1982 with a staff of only 6, Farne has grown to approximately 500 employees and has become the largest private employer in the Borders area. Farne displays its Scottish heritage through dry salting and smoking salmon. Farne also takes a modern approach with computer-controlled quality assurance, and all salmon is tested in a lab for moisture and salt content. In addition to the smoked salmon that Farne is known for, the company produces value-added products containing shellfish, salmon or other fish. Farne sources fish from multiple places, with the most prominent supplier being Scotland, and has been able to develop strong, long-term relationships with numerous market leaders. Farne is also environmentally conscious using either recycled materials or materials that are recyclable themselves.