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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


Founded in 1968, Dairymaster has developed into one of the leading dairy equipment manufacturers in the world. While the company is based in Ireland, it also operates in the USA and the UK, and has customers across the world in more than 40 countries. The company invests heavily in research and development, giving it a competitive advantage in the market and providing customers with higher quality products. Dairymaster supplies customers with a comprehensive variety of products for the UK dairy industry, including automatic scrapers, milk cooling tanks, milking equipment, automatic feeders, and heat detection systems. Dairymaster products are built with a modular format providing them with the ability to effectively work on dairy farms with cattle numbers ranging from 40 to 10,000. The majority of Dairymaster products can be upgraded and also effectively placed into a computerised milking parlor. Finally, given the strong relationships that the company has built with its customers, it has developed an unrivalled industry knowledge that is advantageous during the production process.