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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


With four main consumer brands, 1.8 billion litres of raw milk purchased annually and 4,500 employees, Dairy Crest is very well-positioned in the dairy sector and has two number one brands (FRijj and Cathedral City). Dairy Crest continues to grow within the dairy sector, which at over £8 billion is one of the largest in the grocery category. Dairy Crest aims to build leading brands and capitalize on value markets, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency in order to generate growth. An integrated and comprehensive dairy business, the history of the company combined with a strong, diverse portfolio drives the company's business. Dairy Crest has built a large supplier network, helping to keep the business successful, and contributing a source of innovation to the company. The strategy of the company focuses on not only the quality of the products and the service provided, but also sustainability, the industry, suppliers, and support for partners and customers.