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As a subsidiary of HL Hutchinson Ltd, Cropwise helps to form one of the largest crop advice and agrochemical distribution organisations in the United Kingdom. Cropwise aims to maximize the research and development of British agriculture, by ensuring that environmentally safe practices are developed and implemented. With four distribution centres in Carlisle, Selby, Dorrington and Alnwick, and a team of 25 arable agronomists, Cropwise offers a variety of products and services. Fertiliser is one area that Cropwise participates in through providing fertiliser and foliar feeds as well as crop nutrition advice to customers.

Cropwise is also a distributor of seeds, and much like fertiliser, Cropwise can provide seed advice to customers as well. With independent advice, Cropwise has been able to foster long-term relationships with growers and their team of agronomists. Cropwise supports growers by using their computerised service that forms relationships between soil samples and analysis with mapping technology and nutrient balancing. Additionally, Cropwise offers a variety of crop protection products, and 'Omnia' which is a farm management tool to help with decision making by analyzing past data.