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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


Context Bookshop was developed in 2000 by Dr. Wesley Ewing, who is both a registered marketer and accredited nutritionist. Dr. Ewing works with a number of industry leading nutritionists in order to write and produce specialist animal nutrition books for industry professionals and consumers. He has also successfully published popular titles such as the Directory series. In addition to books worked on by Dr. Ewing, the Context Bookshop also sells a variety of other animal nutrition publications from a number of leading publishers and experts. These publications are intended to be read by professionals in each individual field. The company is based in Leicestershire and given its independent status, customers can be ensured that all of the titles that are carried by the company are of high quality and have useful and detailed information. Book categories that are carried by the bookshop include everything from general agriculture to meat inspection and vitamins, and everything inbetween.