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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


Campden BRI provides practical scientific, advisory, and technical services to the food and drink industry in order to ensure that products are safe and high quality. Campden BRI serves over 2,400 member companies and has clients in over 75 countries. They also help companies improve their efficiency and develop innovative new products. The services provided by the company can be placed into four categories: analysis/testing, operational support, research/innovation, and knowledge management. Campden PRI helps to maximise the quality of products through chemical, microbiological, sensory analytical and physical services. The company completes research work for government departments and external agencies as well as on industry-relevant topics that are funded and chosen by members. Campden BRI also offers guideline publications, training courses, conferences, seminars, and legislation advice. Finally, Campden BRI solves clients' manufacturing problems, and helps with day-to-day client tasks such as maintenance, risk management, product development, and supporting system implementation.