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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


Involved in the science of animal health and nutrition, Alltech assists farmers in raising healthy animals and feeding the world while preserving the environment and ensuring a sustainable future. This is achieved through the innovation of animal nutrition and health. Alltech has been researching animal nutrition and health for over 30 years, helping in the development and manufacturing of quality and innovative natural feed supplements. These supplements improve the performance of animals, in turn improving the farmer's production, profitability and the feed industry as a whole. Alltech uses yeast fermentation, algae, nutrigenomics, and enzyme technology to add nutritional value, helping to improve the performance of plants, people, and animals. Alltech's core business was established in 1988, and the company is now working on developing more of an on-farm presence within the agricultural industry. Located in Ireland, Alltech's European Bioscience Centre opened in 1999 and houses 26 different languages and supports 42 countries. While being the home of the company's European headquarters, it offers Alltech a competitive advantage as it supports all European market functions.