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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


Funded by growers, farmers and other members in the agriculture and horticulture supply chain, The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) is a statutory levy board that is managed independently of both the government and the commercial industry. The goal of the organisation is to develop and maintain more competitive and sustainable horticulture and agriculture industries through activity, information and advice. AHDB creates development programs, in-depth research, and useful outcomes for their levy payers. AHDB also aims to improve the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of the industries, including providing quality market information to help clients make smart decisions that enhance their business and more specifically their supply chain. The organisation also markets and raises awareness of food and the food process in order to not only educate, but also to attract skilled workers to the industry, and maintain the economic viability of the sectors to ensure a strong future existence. Finally, the AHDB works with the government to ensure that the proper level of importance is placed on the agriculture sector.