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Grain Elevator Manager

Position Overview

Grain elevator managers oversee the grain elevator's operations, including the storage, sale, and shipment of grain. They also watch over other staff members to ensure the operations run smoothly and equipment is being used effectively. Grain elevator managers may need to hire and train new staff members. They should always be focused on quality standards and federal regulations to ensure all incoming and outgoing grain is handled in a responsible manner. Since grain elevator managers oversee all operations, they need to be able to handle several relationships with people other than just employees, such as customers, and contractors. They should also manage health and safety procedures, as well as appropriate environmental processes. Grain elevator managers should be knowledgeable regarding general grain practices, grain quality and grade, and blending. Depending on the organization, grain managers may also assist in the development of a marketing plan to help increase sales.

Grain Elevator Manager Duties

  • Manage all staff members, full-time as well as part-time
  • Train staff members on proper grain elevator procedures and policies
  • Manage all grain elevator operations
  • Ensure grain quality is kept up to standard
  • Develop grain pricing strategy
  • Ensure grain elevator complies with safety regulations, including the proper use of equipment
  • May assist with marketing program
  • Keep all equipment maintained effectively
  • Provide excellent customer service to promote better sales
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends to keep the company running in an effective and competitive manner

Typical Employers

  • Grain associations
  • Grain elevators
  • Agricultural retail suppliers
  • Food processing companies
  • Processing cooperatives

Required Education and Training

Those who wish to become a grain elevator manager should have prior experience in the grain or agriculture industry. Additionally, they should have either a bachelor's or associate's degree in either economics, agricultural business, marketing, or general business.

Key Skills and Qualities

  • Highly motivated
  • Dependable
  • Detail-oriented
  • Good multitasker
  • Strong communicator, written and verbal
  • Excellent people skills
  • Strategic thinker
  • Ability to understand and forecast possible market trends
  • Ability to manage and motivate others
  • Good decision maker
  • Experience with quality control
  • Ability to operate different machinery

Average Salary

  • Grain elevator managers just starting out make approximately £35,300
  • The average salary for a grain elevator manager is £48,500
  • Senior grain elevator managers can make upwards of £64,000