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Farm Manager

Position Overview

As a farm manager, you will be involved with the production of crops, livestock, or both depending on the type of farm. The livestock could be for dairy or meat production and might include cows, pigs, sheep, or goats. The crops may be vegetable, cereals, or rapeseed. A farm manager is in charge of implementing strategies to maximize profits for the business, either through optimum animal performance or a good yield. They need to have a wide set of skills and abilities in order to manage staff, operate different types of machinery, and handle farm administration. Farm managers need to be able to plan and organise all activities that occur on the farm. This position often requires long hours and a passion for the industry.

Farm Manager Duties

A farm manager will have a wide range of duties that vary depending on the farm they work on. Some general duties are listed below:

  • Create a budget and plan production and finances accordingly
  • Operate machinery, perform basic maintenance tasks
  • Care for livestock, such as feeding and bedding
  • Plant seeds and harvest crops
  • Monitor yield quality
  • Prepare contingency plans in anticipation of uncontrollable conditions (weather)
  • Purchase of supplies
  • Ensure the farm follows government regulations
  • Liaise with maintenance staff and vets when necessary

Typical Employers

Farms are either owned by independent farmers or management companies. Below are some typical employers.

  • Dairy farm
  • Beef farm
  • Poultry farm
  • Agricultural colleges
  • Produce companies
  • Large estates

Required Education and Training

Farm managers should have previous farming experience. It is also advisable to have strong technical knowledge as you will be working with many different machinery types. While the experience is most important in this field, it is also beneficial to have a degree in a related field, such as horticulture, crop management, land management, or farm business management.

Key Skills and Qualities

There are many different skills and qualities a farm manager needs if they wish to be successful:

  • Knowledge regarding food production
  • Ability to manage time effectively
  • Can work under pressure and with time constraints
  • Tolerant of spending time in unfavorable weather conditions
  • Ability to work with numbers
  • A passion for the agriculture industry and animal welfare
  • Technical knowledge
  • Ability to manage others

Average Salary

  • Assistant farm managers at entry level will make about £21,000
  • A farm manager with some experience can make between £23,000 and £35,000
  • With 10 or more years of experience, farm mangers can make £50,000+
  • Senior consultants in this role could make upwards of £70,000