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Crop Adjuster

Position Overview

When a farmer makes an insurance claim for damaged crops, a crop adjuster will visit their farm to inspect the fields that were impacted. The damage that occurred could have been from disease, pests, or unfavorable weather conditions. Since a farmer is heavily dependent on a good crop production for the survival of their business, a crop adjuster plays an important role to ensure a farmer's livelihood will not be jeopardized due to the damage. A farmer should feel confident that their insurance provider will be able to support their loss, and therefore it is the duty of a crop adjuster to develop good relationships with clients and represent their company appropriately. Crop adjusters will report back on the losses experienced on the farm, including a field and storage bin analysis. They will discuss the damage with the farmers and communicate the approximate coverage amount. Crop adjusters often need to use company software to easily share information with the corporate office. All claims should be processed in an accurate and timely manner to create high customer satisfaction.

Crop Adjuster Duties

  • Respond to insurance claims by inspecting fields for crop damage, reviewing aerial photos and maps
  • Discuss crop damage with farmers
  • Follow proper procedures and regulations set out by the company
  • Determine appropriate indemnities and communicate this with the farmer
  • Communicate company regulations to customers, properly explaining loss interpretations
  • Manage several different claims at once
  • Participate in training sessions
  • Record all relevant crop information
  • Stay up-to-date on risk management and relevant industry procedures

Typical Employers

  • Crop insurance companies
  • National insurance services

Required Education and Training

Those who wish to become a crop adjuster should go through for a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree in agriculture, food and agriculture business, or business. While sometimes crop adjusters are hired with only a high school diploma, a degree is strongly encouraged if you wish to have a competitive edge over other candidates. Previous experience in the agricultural industry would also be beneficial.

Key Skills and Qualities

Excellent customer service skills

Ability to build strong professional relationships

Good problem solver

Ability to communicate effectively


Excellent multitasker

Genuine interest in agriculture

Good people skills

Ability to accurately record information

Willingness to travel

Ability to meet tight deadlines

Average Salary

The average salary for a crop adjuster is £40,000. Those just starting out with little to no experience should expect a lower salary of about £30,000. Crop adjusters with several years of experience would make about £60,000. This salary range can also vary greatly depending on the company, and how much is bonus or profit sharing compensation.

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