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Position Overview

An assessor looks to determine property value through field inspection, sales analysis, understanding market trends, and doing structure measurements. They also look at expenses and income. Lead assessors oversee the entire company's assurance practices through audits. This would involve managing the entire audit program and develop it further, or make changes where necessary. Assessors will compare properties with others in the area to determine accurate value. They write reports on the value and maintain a real estate database. Sometimes they are required to verify property descriptions for public records. The purpose of understanding a property's value is either for taxing and insurance purposes, or to determine resale worth. Assessors can inspect many different types of land and specialize in areas such as industrial, agriculture, or residential. Whatever their specialization, the assessor should be familiar with the area so that they can determine the value appropriately.

Assessor Duties

  • Assess the value of different property types
  • Consider many different factors when determining value, such as comparable properties in the area, lease records, view, location, etc.
  • Recognize unique or noteworthy characteristics for each property
  • Photograph interior and / or exterior of structures located on the property
  • Develop property tax assessments
  • Keep an up-to-date record on all assessed properties in the area
  • Spend work hours split between the office and site visits
  • Write thorough reports on each assessed property
  • Use software to analyze a number of different properties at once to understand trends

Typical Employers

  • Government
  • Value property companies
  • Real estate companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Self-employed

Required Education and Training

Assessors should have an associate's degree in a related field, preferably in real estate. For assessors who look at more complicated commercial property, they should have a bachelor's degree. Programs that include courses such as computer science, finance, economics, and business would be beneficial.

Key Skills and Qualities

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Strong integrity and accountability
  • Good communication, especially written
  • Proficient at problem solving
  • Good time management skills
  • Valid driver licence
  • Analytical and data analysis skills

Average Salary

The average salary for an assessor is £23,000. For individuals who are just starting out, they can expect to earn closer to £21,000. Once assessors gain some experience, the salary will be closer to £32,000.