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Agricultural Lobbyist

Position Overview

Agricultural lobbyists work with government officials to ensure the voice of community members is heard. Looking out for the clients they represent, agricultural lobbyists attempt to influence policies in a positive way. The decisions they influence could relate to pesticides, farm subsidies, general farming activities, and scientific testing. They spend a significant amount of time travelling to speak with clients and government officials. They may work with independent farmers, or various sized organizations. Agricultural lobbyists research legislation, and stay current on recent developments relating to the agriculture industry. They need to be excellent at problem solving and persuasion to get their point across to affect agricultural laws appropriately.

Agricultural Lobbyist Duties

  • Research legislation proposals
  • Stay current on governmental developments or issues as they relate to the agriculture industry
  • Update clients on new policies that are introduced
  • Attend important legislative hearings
  • Assist organizations to better understand and navigate policies relating to their operations
  • Pursue funding from the government for important projects that could improve the industry
  • Suggest new strategies to implement for new or changed agriculture laws
  • Help to draft original legislation
  • Educate officials on the agriculture industry and any laws or regulations that affect it
  • Build professional relationships with officials as well as clients

Typical Employers

  • Government agricultural committees
  • Commodity groups
  • Farm organizations
  • Independent consultancies

Required Education and Training

Agriculture lobbyists should have a bachelor's degree in law, agricultural economics, public relations, or political science.

Key Skills and Qualities

  • Excellent research skills
  • Good communication skills, verbal and written
  • Public speaking ability
  • Enthusiastic
  • Organised
  • Takes initiative
  • Values discretion and confidentiality

Average Salary

The average salary for an agriculture lobbyist is £62,000. The salary range for lobbyists can vary anywhere between £40,000 and £100,000, depending on experience level.

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