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Water Powered Technologies

Since the first patent was granted in 1997, Watered Powered Technologies has installed over 1,000 pumps worldwide. All products do not emit pollution, and neither electricity nor fuel is needed to operate the pumps. The products are a viable solution for climatic events like floods and drought, can match any water challenge, and do not have any running costs. Pumps are also used to lower the cost of producing or transporting clean water.

Products are organized into three different sectors: water utility services, agriculture, and rainwater. Products meant for water utility services are meant to enhance the water treatment process, and replace electric and diesel pumps to reduce costs. Products meant for agriculture help to offer zero carbon and zero energy solutions for farms worldwide. Water Powered Technologies helps to store and pump water, so that it becomes much easier and cost effective to pump water for crop and plantations. Finally, Watered Powered Technologies' new Hyrdromentum Rainwater Harvesting systems helps pump rain falling onto any roof to storage for reuse.

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