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Twose was established in 1830 in Halberton as a small blacksmith. Moving to Tiverton in the 1940s helped increase production, ensuring that the company met the increasing demand for cultivation equipment during this boom in the farm industry. Twose continued to widen its product portfolio as it began to manufacture and sell rollers, loader implements, hedge cutters, ploughs, mowers, and other cultivation products. Currently, the company is a leader in the agricultural sector, selling a variety of agricultural equipment to meet the needs of farmers throughout the UK.

Twose has a network of more than 500 dealers, meaning that products can get to any location in the UK, and also that a Twose representative is nearby for any advice or support needed. Products offered include hedge and verge cutters, rotary and flail toppers, mowers, tedders, rakes, folding rollers, general implements, haymakers, and forestry equipment.