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Trumpington Farm Company

Managing more than 2,000 hectares of farmland, Trumpington Farm Company works with clients throughout Cambridge. Trumpington Estate is a privately-owned, 1,300 hectare estate which has diversified to include commercial and residential property. Other endeavours of Trumpington Estate include fishing syndicates, a solar park, and DIY liver yards. The Estate has multiple uses and purposes, including serving as livestock, equine, fenland, residential, arable, woodland, commercial, and wetland property.

The farm is managed to the UK's highest standards. Beyond arable activities, the Estate has amenity services, grassland management, grazing, environmental stewardship, and management of residential and commercial properties. Trumpington Farm Company can provide management and operational services such as ploughing, cultivation, harvesting, and mole draining services. Mowing, verge cutting, and hedge cutting services are also available for amenity clients. Maintenance services are also offered as well as one-off residential services such as garden clearance or removal of shrubs and trees. Trumpington Estate also has residential, commercial, workshop, and barn properties available for let, as well as grazing, stables, and paddocks available for rent.

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