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Storth Machinery

Founded in 1999, Storth Machinery manufactures and services slurry handling equipment for UK and international clients. Storth Machinery has grown into three factories in North Lancashire, and now provides a wide range of slurry handling equipment. Design, manufacturing, installation, and after sales services are provided at facilities in Storth. Storth Machinery has been able to gain a lot of knowledge through years of experience in the slurry industry. This has equipped the company with the ability to provide clients with effective solutions, and efficient machinery.

Storth Machinery slurry management systems lower costs and reuse waste products efficiently. Finally, the company's research and development team works to design and develop new solutions for emerging client challenges with help from 3D modelling software and a modern product testing facility. Storth Machinery offers automatic scraper systems, slurry storage systems, slurry mixing solutions, slurry pumping solutions, de-watering systems, and umbilical equipment.

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