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Established in 1988, SmallWoods is the national organisation for woodland workers, supporters, and owners. The goal of SmallWoods is to promote the value that small woodlands provide to a sustainable society and to improve the management of these small woodlands. In order to achieve these goals, SmallWoods does a variety of projects and offers a variety of services to its members. One way that SmallWoods supports members is through an email advice line, in which the company provides advice regarding small woodlands. SmallWoods also promotes the benefits of the small woodlands and members' views on sustainable management of the woodlands to the government.

SmallWoods encourages and educates the public and woodland owners on sustainable management methods, as well as developing and testing new methods. SmallWoods also provides training to small woodlands owners and caretakers to ensure the sustainability of the woodland, including developing and running courses for members. The organisation also leads a number of projects aimed to ensure sustainability, teach woodland skills, promote benefits and connect the public with woodlands. Finally, SmallWoods provides numerous services to woodland owners including timber extraction, log splitting and timber milling.

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