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UK and Global Agricultural Recruitment. For Professionals by Professionals


With more than 50,000 acres under cultivation, Sentry is one of the UK's largest farming companies. Sentry has built a reputation of having strong and long-term relationships with clients, whether they are private or institutional landowners and investors. Sentry uses its national scale in order to minimize production costs and also develop insights which then turn into new strategies. The company focuses on technical expertise, harnessing market intelligence, investing in the team, and focusing on corporate resources in order to optimise services, manage risk, improve decision-making, and ensure success, sustainability, and reliability.

Sentry offer three main services, including farm management, advisory services, and alternative enterprises and diversification services. Sentry manages farms with long-term relationships ensuring the success of these businesses. Sentry provides advice and consultancy services in all areas of management from land agency to accounting. Finally, Sentry has developed specialist expertise and knowledge in a variety of sporting, leisure, and specialist service sectors.

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