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Riverford Organic Farms

Since 1987 Riverford Organic Farms has been growing organic vegetables and has been supplying a variety of organic fruit, vegetables, meat, and more. While beginning with just 30 local friends in Devon, The Riverford box scheme now weekly delivers 47,000 boxes to homes across the United Kingdom. As Riverford did not want to grow any larger on the Devon Farm, management decided to partner with a number of organic farmers across the country. This business model has helped keep food miles at a minimum and has helped Riverford provide local employment, support local farmers and build very strong consumer to grower relationships.

Currently, Riverford has farms in Devon, Peterborough, Yorkshire and Hampshire. Riverford provides a mix of their fresh organic products in a box, meaning that consumers get a variety of produce items with the purchase of one singular product. Consumers can also purchase singular vegetables, fruits, meat and more. Finally, Riverford Organic Farms has recipe boxes to provide consumers with a chance to make three organic meals and comes with the produce and ingredients needed, as well as a step-by-step recipe.

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