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Poultrymad has a range of exhibition, rare, egg-producing, and bantam breeds of poultry, as well as a variety of poultry housing. Poultrymad provides a total of nineteen different exhibition and rare breeds of poultry, and each breed has a fact sheet with detailed information on the breed, the history of the breed and further management information on the website.

The company also provides sixteen different types of egg-producing breeds and two different types of duck. Poultrymad also provides hand-crafted poultry houses using real timber. Although Poultrymad has fourteen different types of poultry houses, if they do not fit the needs of the customer, the company will build and design a new one to the specifications required. The company will also assemble larger houses on-site if needed. Finally, Poultrymad sells drinkers and feeders.

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