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Platts Animal Bedding

A family-owned company, Platts Animal Bedding was established in 1973 and provides the agricultural industry with animal bedding. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Platts Animal Bedding supplies more than 5,000 farmers throughout Southern Ireland and the UK with quality animal bedding. Platts Animal bedding offers a comprehensive range of bedding products for cattle, poultry, pets, and equine. Products are made of varying combinations of sawdust, wood pellets, and shavings and are also offered in various consistencies.

Platts Animal Bedding constantly looks for new ways to grow and develop its technologies, aiming to improve the already high quality products that the company delivers to customers. The company is also invested in its environmental sustainability, and ensures that products are made from 100% recycled wood. Platts Animal Bedding also has packaging and baling facilities, using automated bagging technology to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.