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PJ Jennings & Associates

Established in 1992, PJ Jennings provides farm management solutions and services to the United Kingdom. PJ Jennings provides farm management services, advising on possible improvements to the business, and can manage the whole farm or just single parts of the overall business. The company also advises on budgets, work schedules, purchases, and rotations. PJ Jennings assesses farms with its farm assessment service, determining the potential profitability of the farm now, and in the future.

PJ Jennings can also determine possible new enterprises to upgrade an ailing farm, including cost, labour, training and all elements needed to diversify the business. Agricultural consultancy services are also offered by PJ Jennings, in which the company will take over the business or offer alternative options for clients when external variables come into play. Finally, PJ Jennings purchases land, and helps with the purchasing and selling of livestock.

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