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Pear Technology

Established in 1995, Pear Technology provides consumers with mapping services and digital maps to those in rural areas. The goal of the company is to provide functionality that consumers require while still producing an easy-to-use product. Pear Technology products allow users to have all of their geographical data in one spot, providing them with one source of information, making it easy to navigate, visualize, analyze, edit, and share. Pear Technology not only sells to the UK and Ireland but also Australia and New Zealand.

Pear Technology products all offer the same six attributes: useful technology, clear advice, accurate maps, integrated information, a tailored approach and friendly support. Pear Technology supports 3 main sectors: farm and rural estates, tree management and the public sector. The company provides support for these sectors through two main products, the PT Mapper and Maplink. The PT Mapper creates, edits and maintains maps to help with land management. Maplink links databases, maps or spreadsheets so that the user can easily create reports and gather information to make sound business decisions. In Maplink, users can select map objects and view detailed data related to that object.

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