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Supporting Dairy software programs, NMR provides farmers with management systems that encompass all aspects of their business. NMR also works with major parlour manufacturers, supporting them in the upgrading and refinement of integrated parlour solutions. NMR has an in-house programming team, and great relationships with parlour manufacturers and software companies that help the company create new solutions to help farmers with the management of their dairy herd. The software is used by a variety of professions including farmers, consultants, feed reps and vets and can be applied to dairy herds of all sizes.

NMR has web-based systems, standalone software, parlour linked systems and mobile software, and so no matter the users' technical expertise or profession, NMR has software for them. The software helps with the management, analysis, and recording of the user's dairy herd, making it a viable option for those in some variation of dairy herd management. NMR also provides software training for users through one-on-one sessions or group sessions, with an experienced team of trainers. Finally, the company offers software support to solve any issues that clients may have.

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