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Operating internationally, Nidera produces, markets, and exports agricultural commodities. After their initial opening in Rotterdam in 1920, Nidera has become a large organization with activities across the value chain within the agro industry. Nidera develops trading relationships with customers, not only on an international scale, but locally and nationally as well. With their global presence, Nidera is able to respond to crucial market drivers immediately. They export and/or source feed grains, wheat, rapeseed, pulses, and oats. In fact, they are one of the biggest grain exporters in the UK. They are also known for the trade and supply of effective malting barley for the food and beverage industry. Nidera is a successful seed partner; they supply varieties of certified seed for farmers. Additionally, they are known for their extensive fertilizer network. Nidera sources great products and provides them at a reasonable price for their customers.

Nidera strongly believes in the implementation of effective CSR initiatives to develop strong stakeholder relationships. They are committed to sustainability and look to achieve this through a number of different strategic objectives, some of which include building communities, linking demand with supply, and reducing their impact on the environment.

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