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National Federation of Young Farmers' Club (NFYFC)

With its first club opening in Devon in 1921, the National Federation of Young Farmers (NFYFC) has become one of UK's largest rural youth organisations with 644 clubs and over 25,000 members. The NFYFC provides framework to the clubs, so that they can better accomplish the competitions, events and experiences that members join for. The clubs themselves are ran and led by members, for members, with ages ranging from 10-26. The clubs provide members with a chance to not only interact with other young people, but also to learn new skills and to make a difference in the community.

The club also offers several unique opportunities to members. Opportunities include competitions in which young farmers get the chance to compete at both the local and national level in agriculture activities with events such as stock judging and floral arts. There is also the opportunity to travel worldwide with the club, skills and training programs to advance careers, ability to become involved in national campaigns regarding the agriculture industry, and attend a national convention where members can debate, celebrate, and unite with more than 5,000 other young farmers.

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