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A Swedish-based international company, Logosol has been developing and selling wood processing and woodworking products and services for over 20 years. The simplicity, reliability, diversity, and modular nature of Logosol's products and services have helped it develop into the global industry leader and supply over 65 countries. Logosol's product line is so inclusive that consumers can be in charge of projects from start to finish from felling to finished wood products.

Logosol offers a variety of wood processing products, including a range of sawmills, planers, moulders, joinery machines, industrial machines, cutting tools and more. Logosol sawmills have been the foundation of the company since they were first introduced in 1989 and have gone through seven development steps to get to their current level of quality. Logosol planers, moulders and joinery machines have also developed through the years to become lighter and smaller, making them more suitable for professionals and hobbyists alike. Finally, Logosol has a worldwide sales agreement with CMT, ensuring that Logosol tools are sold across the world.

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