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The leading seed producer and plant breeder within the UK, Limagrain develops and introduces superior seeds and varieties for growers and farmers as well as the food and amenity industries. The company aims to benefit farmers and growers in a variety of ways with the new varieties being introduced. These benefits include increased yield, better disease resistance, and stronger agronomic characteristics, which result in improved quality, added value, and more production. The company invests heavily in research with over £3.5 million invested in UK research, and £125 million across the world annually.

Limagrain UK operates under Group Limagrain, which is the fourth largest vegetable and field seeds producer in the world. Limagrain's range of products includes cereal crops, oilseed rape, vining peas, forage, environmental crops, maize, peas, beans, sugar beet, root crops and conservation crops. Finally, Limagrain supplies customers across 35 countries with seeds and is among the leaders in the production and exportation of beet seeds.

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