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Located in Norfolk, Kongskilde is a leader in the manufacturing of agricultural solutions. Kongskilde supports the agriculture and industrial industries with machinery and equipment. The company focuses on the combined solutions for both industrial and agricultural tasks, and divides the business into four areas: soil, grass and feeders, grain and straw, industry, and vitamin mixing. Kongskilde creates new processes and equipment for the cultivation of soil and plant care, while providing grain and straw professionals with system solutions and a range of high quality heating and drying products.

Kongskilde also specialises in concepts for processing material and pneumatic transport, providing solutions for the paper, packaging, and plastic industries. Kongskilde also works to market and produce premixes and compounds for animal production within the feedstuff industry. Products offered on the agriculture side of the business include complete and grass diet mixers, grain handling machinery and equipment, and soil preparation machinery and equipment. Industrial product offerings include conveying blowers, separators, cutters, granulators, and Venturi brand systems.

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