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Institute of Aquaculture

UK's top ranked aquaculture training and research department, the Institute of Aquaculture is one of the top 150 schools of agriculture in the world. The Institute of Aquaculture aims to solve challenges faced by the aquaculture industry through research and cross-disciplinary examination of environments, genetics, nutrition, reproduction, feed supplies, and aquatic health. The Institute also focuses on markets, production systems, as well as economic and social impacts of the challenges that are currently facing the industry, and future demands.

The Institute of Aquaculture attempts to develop and implement strategies to aid and create sustainable aquaculture methods and processes for both commercial markets and also simply feeding communities in developing countries. The Institute of Aquaculture researches four main categories, including sustainable aquaculture, genetics and reproduction, health and welfare, and nutrition. The Institute offers a BSc in Aquaculture and Marine Biology, an MSc in Sustainable Aquaculture and also Doctoral and Masters projects. Finally, the Institute offers a variety of consultancy services, including business consultancy, veterinary diagnostics, vaccine and therapeutant testing, environmental consultancy, nutrition analysis, large marine and freshwater research facilities, and broodstock services.

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