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Innovation for Agriculture (IfA)

An association of sixteen English agricultural societies, Innovation for Agriculture (IfA) aims to deliver new innovation and science to farmers. IfA does this through its publications, website, seminars, conferences, farm demonstrations, new media, and workshops. The association focuses on four main areas: precision livestock and animal health/welfare, soil and water, renewable energy, and The Uplands.

The IfA website features articles, information, news, and advice on several different areas of agriculture. It has a section on Precision Livestock Farming, which provides continuous automated data on livestock in order to help farmers manage their production. It also has a section on Soil Organic Manner, and how to improve soil through innovation. Sections on Anaerobic Digestion including case studies and innovations are featured, and new product launches in the agriculture industry. Finally, IfA looks to become connected with innovative farmers in order to maximize new innovations and to keep their interests protected.

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