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International Co-operative Agricultural Organisation (ICAO)

Founded in 1951, and the only organization of its kind, the International Co-operative Agricultural Organisation (ICAO) is the global representative of agricultural co-operatives. The ICAO represents 38 organizations from 30 countries and is also one of the eight sectoral organizations from the International Co-operative Alliance. ICAO's mission, much like the cooperatives and organizations that form their membership, is the social, economic, and cultural improvement and maintenance of farmers around the world.

Determined to create communication between members within the organization and between members and rural development organizations, ICAO holds annual meetings, workshops, and seminars. These communication channels help with the internal and external cooperation of all parties involved. Finally, after the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the ICAO and the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization in 2013, ICAO now works as a liaison between the agricultural cooperative sector and the UN.

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