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A leader in the supply of hydroponic equipment, GroWell aims to provide UK's indoor gardening and hydroponics community with a variety of great hydroponic products, great customer service, and expert advice. GroWell sells online, through mail order, and in a chain of stores. GroWell has a total of nine stores located in Hockley, Dudley, Wembley, Birmingham, Bristol, Heath, Merton, Sheffield and Coleshill. Established in 1994, GroWell has built a reputation in the hydroponics industry, and has a team filled with industry experts always willing to offer advice. GroWell provides consumers with numerous tips and guides on how to maximize their indoor growing experience.

GroWell provides customers with a variety of products for their hydroponic needs including grow lights, grow kits, grow tents, sheeting, fans, growing systems, nutrients, boosters, growing media, plant propagation products, grow room tools, and plant health. These products, in addition to the advice given by the staff, help growers with a number of hydroponic systems including Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Food & Drain, Drip Irrigation, and Deep Water Culture.

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