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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


One of the world's largest food processing technology suppliers, GEA Group is an international company that aims to develop world-leading technology for sophisticated production processes. GEA was able to generate revenues of more than EUR 4.5 billion, with over 70% of that coming from the food sector. GEA employs more than 18,000 people around the world and is both a technology and market leader in its Equipment and Solutions side of the business. GEA has a variety of products and services for several applications. These applications include beverage, chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, dairy farming, and dairy processing. GEA is so prominent in the food sector that 33% of instant coffee production lines have been built by GEA, 50% of beers have gone through GEA components, 25% of milk and 33% of chicken nuggets have been processed through GEA equipment.