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Freshwater Solutions

Freshwater Solutions is a member of the Organic Aquaculture Initiative. Specialising in freshwater aquaculture and the ecological design behind it, Freshwater Solutions aims to develop and implement sustainable food chains in order to feed farmed fish species. Freshwater Solutions produces and distributes Live Food Delivery Systems, which are applicable to aquaponics and aquaculture. These systems enhance sustainable food chain production through improving the aquatic and terrestrial habitats. There are several benefits to these systems for consumers such as no waste or pollution and that they essentially provide free natural food supplies in a stress-free environment.

Another product made by Freshwater Solutions is Artificial Floating Island Technology, which grows vegetables and fruit without any natural irrigation or pests. This product helps to increase biodiversity and add revenue streams while not contributing any health issues. Freshwater Solutions will continue to develop new and innovative ecological aquaculture systems as the company is setting up an additional research and production site in the upcoming year.