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FG Insight

FG Insight is a new web portal that has been built by Briefing Media. Briefing Media is UK's largest multi-platform for agricultural business information. Briefing Media focuses on the major agricultural sectors: arable, livestock, dairy, equipment, finance, and agricultural machinery. In general, Briefing Media takes a media approach of being farmer-centric. The goal of both FG and Briefing Media is to help readers manage their farms more effectively and make better business decisions regarding them. The company does this through a variety of platforms including websites, magazines, exhibitions, marketplaces, newspapers and conferences.

FG Insight is becoming Briefing Media's main media channel for agricultural content, replacing both and The goal of FG Insight is to gather content from across Briefing Media's portfolio and combine it with data, tools, information guides and intelligence to create an informative and interesting platform for agricultural news. FG Insight has a variety of different filters that users can select to target the news that they want to see. These filters include arable, livestock, dairy, machinery, business, shows, editor's pick, advice, farm life, prices, review, competitions, campaigns, columnist, what's on, and young farmers.

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