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UK and Global Agricultural Recruitment. For Professionals by Professionals


Farmplan has a broad range of software that has been developed to aid rural and agricultural businesses with their financial management, livestock management, crop management, and property management. Financial software focuses on payroll management, sales order processing and invoicing. Livestock software helps the user with the maintenance of animal records, such as movements, medical details, births and deaths. Crop software helps with the management of fields, such as pesticide control and soil types. Finally, property software focuses on the tracking of rent reviews, insurance, inspection, and issue demands, as well as helping with the maintenance and recognition of work schedules and deadlines.

Farmplan provides great customer service, with 12 software support staff, IT support, and installation, repair, and maintenance services. Farmplan also provides training services to consumers so that they can learn how to best use the software, ensuring that their needs are met, and that they understand the software and all of its features.

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