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UK and Global Agricultural Recruitment. For Professionals by Professionals


For over 30 years, FARMdata has been dedicated to supporting farmers' businesses, and providing them with software to help them manage their farms and to make smart business decisions. Throughout its history, FARMdata has constantly updated programs to meet legislation requirements, and also to meet the demands of clients from the company's User Club. FARMdata User Club members receive upgrades immediately when they are published, and receive unlimited phone support, all free of charge. Additionally, in the event of a system crash, User Club members receive advice and assistance, and also have a large say in the software development of the company.

The software itself is very straightforward and covers three main sections: financial, livestock, and crop. Financial programs are designed to help with payroll and budgeting through systems and online cash analysis books. Livestock and crop programs focus on recording information on the livestock, crops and fields to make good business decisions and to control the stock.

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