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Farmacy PLC

Developed in 1999, Farmacy PLC provides the UK's arable sector with environmental and agronomy services. Farmacy PLC works on more than 200,000 hectares throughout East Anglia, Shropshire and the East Midlands. Farmacy PLC has more than 30 employees or 'Farmacists,' each of which are fully trained in all arable production and environmental compliance aspects. Farmacy PLC also has IT and technical teams that help to ensure that clients are receiving services that meet and exceed their expectations.

The company provides professional advice regarding arable crop production to growers through service systems which improve the final product for the consumer, industry and grower. Services offered by Farmacy include Omnia farm software which allows clients to store and access their data and make decisions based on analysis. Agronomic services are also available, whether it is consultancy and advice or research and technical meetings. Finally, Farmacy also helps with management support, environmental compliance, and laboratory and analytical work.

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