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Established in 2001, Exosect is a venture capital-funded agricultural technology company with the aim of developing and introducing innovative proprietary technologies to the marketplace. With more than 50 patents, and several more pending, Exosect has developed a strong portfolio due to its extensive knowledge and ability to deliver and target a variety of synthetic and biological ingredients. Exosect has been able to gather more than £15 million from venture capitalists, including WHEB Group, Oxford Capital Partners and ClearlySo.

Exosect uses micro powders to target the use of pesticides. Company products have a minimal impact on the environment and deliver pesticides more efficiently. Exosect has two delivery platforms, Entomag and Entostat. While Entostat delivers microbial control agents, semiochemical and synthetic chemistry, Entomag delivers microbials and synthetic chemistry. Exosect primarily focusses on public health, animal health, and agriculture.